WordPress Website Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, many WordPress users employ the mouse to do some routine operations, and many may not even know that WordPress supports keyboard shortcuts. Using the keyboard shortcuts in WordPress, you can format and edit content significantly faster, thus significantly speeding up the workflow.

Today, let’s take a look at what keyboard shortcuts are available for WordPress websites!

These keyboard shortcuts can be used with the “Gutenberg” editor and the old “Classic” editor.

WordPress keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

Ctrl + c->Copy
Ctrl + v->Paste
Ctrl + b->Bold
Ctrl + i->Italics
Ctrl + x->Cut
Ctrl + a->Select All
Ctrl + z->Undo
Ctrl + s->Save Changes
Ctrl + p->Print
Ctrl + u->Underline the selected text
Ctrl + k->Convert selected text to links
Alt + Shift + x->Display selected text in equal width font
Alt + Shift + h->Show keyboard shortcuts (show this help)

Keyboard shortcuts for WordPress for Mac.

Command + C->Copy
Command + v->Paste
Command + b->Bold
Command + i->Italics
Command + x->Cut
Command + a->Select All
Command + z->Undo
Command + s->Save Changes
Command + p->Print
Command + u->Underline the selected text
Command + k->Convert the selected text to a link
Option + Ctrl + x->Display selected text in equal-width font
Option + Ctrl + h->Show keyboard shortcuts (show this help)

We can use the shortcut Alt + Shift + h (Option + Control + h in Mac) to see all available keyboard shortcuts for WordPress.

Special keyboard shortcuts for the Gutenberg editor

The latest WordPress editor supports all standard keyboard shortcuts.

Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts for Windows users.

Enter->Add new block
Ctrl + Shift + d->Copy the selected block
Alt + Shift + z->Delete the selected block
Ctrl + Alt + t->Insert a new block before the selected block
Ctrl + Alt + y->Insert a new block after the selected block
/ = change block type after adding a new paragraph
Esc = clear selection
Ctrl + Shift + z->redo the last undo
Ctrl + Shift +, -> show or hide the settings bar
Alt + Shift + o->Open block navigation menu
Alt + Shift + n->Navigate to the next part of the editor
Alt + Shift + p->Navigate to the top part of the editor
Alt + F10->Navigate to the nearest toolbar
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + m-> switch between visual and code editor

Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts for Mac users.

Enter = add a new block
/ = change block type after adding a new paragraph
Command + Shift + d = Copy the selected block
Control + Option + z = Delete the selected block
Command + Option + t = Insert a new block before the selected block
Command + Option + y = Insert a new block after the selected block
Esc = Clear the selection
Command + Shift + z = Redo the last undo
Command + Shift +, = Show or hide the settings bar
Option + Control + o = open block navigation menu
Option + Control + n = Navigate to the next part of the editor
Option + Control + p = navigate to the upper part of the editor
fn + Option + F10 = Navigate to the nearest toolbar
Command + Option + Shift + m = switch between visual and code editor

Keyboard shortcuts for WordPress comment management interface

If you have a lot of comments, you can use keyboard shortcuts to manage comments to review them quickly. However, WordPress does not enable these shortcuts by default.

To activate these keyboard shortcuts, you need to go to “My Profile” and check the “Keyboard Shortcuts” box.

After saving the settings, visit the comment management interface to use them.

WordPress shortcuts can be used to perform actions on comments.

J = next comment (moves the current selection down)
K = previous comment (move current selection up)
A = Approve comment
U = Disapprove comment
D = Delete comment
R = Reply to comment
Q = Quick edit comment
Z = Restore comment from recycle bin or undo comment if you delete it
To select multiple comments, press X to check the selected comments and then press J or K to move to the next or previous comment. After selecting some comments, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to perform group actions.

Shift + A = approve the selected comments
Shift + D = Delete selected comments
Shift + U = Disapprove selected comments
Shift + T = Move the selected comments to the Trash
Shift + Z = Restore the selected comment from the recycle bin
At first after death, you may need some time to get used to these WordPress keyboard shortcuts, but in the long run, they will surely help you save time and speed up your operation efficiency.